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Pakavimo linijos pabaiga

With the palletizing as the central hub, the box packaging module works as the beginning of the line, and the pallets packaging module works as the end of the line, and this system is connected by the conveying system. We are perfecting to make the secondary packaging line.

Such a line has never been the same, because customers have different products, different scales, different production bases, and our advantage is to make corresponding solutions according to the unique characteristics of the customers.

Of course, we will make some basic functional standard modules to reduce costs on the basis of maximizing the guarantee function. Make complex projects simple.

Pakavimo linijos pabaiga

  1.  Case Erector
  2.  Case Packer
  3.  Case Taping/Sealing
  4.  Case Strapping
  5.  Robotic/Layer Palletizer
  6.  Stretch Wrapping
  7.  More: Strapping